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Malibu Sandals

Colony | Vegan Leather | Rubber | Black | Black

Colony | Vegan Leather | Rubber | Black | Black

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Our classic basket weave mule design features a unique hand-woven strapping pattern highlighting the visual continuity of the upper.

The robust 3-piece outsole has a soft anatomically correct suede vegan leather footbed layered on top of a firm EVA midsole wrapped with a springy bouncy rubber outsole.

Experience Malibu's Golden Stride footbed with the ergonomic arch support that enables all day wearability.

Cleaning is easy by either spot cleaning or submerging under warm water and air dry. 

*Please Note: fit is true to size.  If size 10.5 order up to size 11  

  • Supportive Hand-Woven Vegan Leather Mule Upper
  • Robust 3-Piece Dual Density Suede Vegan Leather EVA Rubber Footbed

  • Epic Arch Support

  • Cushioned EVA Rubber Midsole with 100% Textured Sythetic Rubber Outsole
  • Hand Wash - Air Dry
  • Handcrafted in Cambodia

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