About us

Who We Are

We are not a fashion brand. 

Fashion brands celebrate designers and believe things like “shoes make the man.” 

We exist to celebrate individuals. 

The artists. 

The free spirits. 

The ones who live fully and do it with style. 

The thrill seekers by day 

and the trendsetters by night. 

The surfers. 

The yogis. 

The outdoorsmen and women. 

The select few who’ve figured out the only life worth living is a comfortable one. 

Because truth be told, shoes don’t make the man. 

The men and women who wear them do.

Our Mission

Our mission is simple: create the most comfortable, stylish and modern sandals on the planet using innovative, cruelty-free materials. 

To develop beautifully innovative sandals that deliver on everyday wearability from the beach to the boulevard.


Inspiration Behind Malibu Sandals

In an effort to create the world’s most comfortable, stylish, modern sandals, we find inspiration in the cultural history and physical beauty of coastal California, most notable Malibu. 

The approach of looking into the past to move forward is a valuable design strategy that continues to inform our methods for developing footwear designs and engineering techniques. 

As with all design across time, innovation and evolution are inevitable. 

Initially we found inspiration in the ancient craft of Mexican Huarache sandal-making. These sandals date back many centuries pre-dating European colonial influence. 

They are believed to originate from Mexico, specifically the states Jalisco, Michoacán, and Yucatán. The word “huarache” comes from the term “kwarachi” from Tarascan, a language spoken by the Purépecha people native to Michoacán.

Furthermore, their origins make clear links between Mayan Caites sandals and pre-Hispanic footwear seen on ancient codices. 

Traditionally handmade and constructed out of raw leather, the huarache’s primal design language features an intricately woven pattern that’s very durable and proven to withstand the test of time.