Science & Engineering

Anatomy of Malibu Sandals

Malibu Sandal’s 3-piece outsole features a soft anatomically correct polyurethane footbed for a super comfortable fit, a sturdy phylon midsole for strong structural support and a durable rubber sole for ideal traction. 

1. Brace Bar provides your toes with a raised rail for ideal gripping action and custom fit. 

2. Heightened Edging is consistent from front to back and along the medial and lateral sidewalls. The elevated edge acts as a guardrail providing extra toe protection. 

3. Sculpted Arch Support creates stable reinforcement for your foot that feels secure in the footbed. 

4. Caldera Heel has a deep basin to give your heel ultimate comfort and secure footing. 

5. Signature M-Grip Sole is made of durable rubber and molded with our signature M-Grip pattern for excellent traction. 


Our Promise

• Every pair of Malibu Sandals are made with PETA-Approved Vegan materials.

• Every pair of Malibu Sandals are hand-crafted with water friendly materials. 

• Every pair of Malibu Sandals are 100% cruelty-free.