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Malibu Sandals

Colony Recycled Poly | Cork Rubber | Beige | Beige

Colony Recycled Poly | Cork Rubber | Beige | Beige

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The Colony silhouette is a timeless mule in a basket weave design. The hand-woven strapping pattern flows across the upper seamlessly. 

The straps of the Colony are 100% recycled polyester material. Sourced from a combination of manufacturing scraps and used polyester products. Instead of wholly relying on newly manufactured petroleum-based polyester materials, we are making a conscious choice that helps reduce material waste and cuts carbon dioxide emissions. With each step we take together we can help make a statement for the planet.

Beneath the surface lies a meticulously engineered outsole comprising three robust components. At the core, an anatomically correct suede vegan leather footbed offers unparalleled comfort, supported by a firm EVA midsole. Encasing this, a springy, responsive textured synthetic rubber outsole provides both stability and flexibility with every step.

The Malibu sandal footbed conjures the Golden Stride. The Malibu footbed. An innovation that steers you step by step on a distinctive path of mindful equilibrium. We call it "the golden stride" . It's an energy of movement, engineered to align and concentrate your own innate balance. And with each footstep you forge ahead with repeated, natural comfort featuring ergonomic arch support that ensures all-day wearability without compromise.

Please Note fit is true to size: if size 10.5 or wearing with socks order 11

  • Supportive Hand-Woven Mule Upper
  • Recycled Polyester Layered Strap
  • Dual Density Cork Infused EVA Rubber Midsole
  • Ergonomic Cushioned Footbed
  • Epic Arch Support
  • Firm EVA Rubber Midsole
  • Signature M-Grip Traction Rubber Outsole
  • Hand Wash - Air Dry
  • Handcrafted in Cambodia






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