Local Locals Sivan Harlap, Daydreaming of going back to Cali

Local Locals Sivan Harlap, Daydreaming of going back to Cali

Nestled in the heart of New York City's vibrant neighborhoods, Sivan Harlap has etched her mark as a cornerstone of local nightlife & dining. As the visionary owner behind iconic establishments like B-side (which she opened at the age of 21), Eastwood @eastwood221 , and The Dancer @thedancernyc , Harlap has cultivated spaces that exude character, warmth with a distinct sense of community. Over the past years Sivan has been the hostess with the mostest numerous times to the Malibu Sandals family while on the East Coast. In turn she has become a daily wearer of the brand. Read on to get an insight of this powerhouse of a human. 

What comes to mind when you hear the word Malibu?

Sandals! Obvi! 

What was your first concert? We want to know the artists, the year, tour and venue.

Arrested Development and En Vogue 1992... somewhere in LA.. Funky Divas Tour!!

Which Malibu Sandals style are you wearing right now?

Canyon. 4eva.


What brought you to the ‘city that never sleeps’?

My parents met here, so romantic ideas I guess. Plus I was obsessed with Seinfeld and Friends in the 90s. I wanted that life. Growing up in Southern California I always felt like I belonged in NY. Four seasons, the style, the fashion, walking everywhere, big city, loads of people, moving around, making shit happen. Now I'm feeling the pull back, 25 years later! 

What is one of the most gratifying moments in your life so far?

I think I find daily things more gratifying than big things. I feel lucky, I get to feel gratification everyday after I swim. It's amazing how years in, I still feel that way. 

 Also learning something new. I recently took up ceramics and that's been pretty gratifying with each progressive step forward. Seeing my work improve over the months and years. Experiencing something that was once, very recently, difficult, be done with ease. Re-wiring anything and having it work! That's a big one. I successfully rewired a 50 amp kiln. So proud! 

And obviously opening and building businesses that become community gathering places. When I think about what my restaurant or bar or a place I helped open means to the people that go there. That feels good. Even just sitting in my place having a meal or drink and really loving the vibe.

Were you named after someone?

Not someone, a month. The month I was born in, on the Jewish calendar. Sivan falls mid May to mid June.

If you didn’t pursue a career in the restaurant business - where would you be now?

Probably still drumming, playing in bands, touring. 

What was your first car?

1970 White VW Bug. I loved that car. It fit my drums and it was covered in band stickers. 

What is your latest guilty pleasure?

Ohh, I can't tell you that ;)

If you could pick up your life & home and transport to another city -where would it be & why?

Right now we're thinking of LA. I dream of palm trees and outdoor swims, a year round suntan and time with my bestie. I love New York, but I'm ready for a change.