Local, Locals - musician and human about the Earth, Ny Oh!

Local, Locals - musician and human about the Earth, Ny Oh!

Photo of Ny Oh posing with one hand up and the other down for malibu Local locals
Meet Ny Oh


We're back with a new entry for Local Locals. We're talking to a good friend of our Malibu Sandals family, professional musician and captivating vocalist, Ny Oh. Originating from Aotearoa, also called 'Land of the Long White Cloud', her musicianship has taken her to stages across the world. Currently Ny Oh calls California's picturesque coastlines home, specifically embracing the enchantment of Laurel Canyon.

Ny Oh was gracious enough to answer a few questions to give us some insight into Ny Oh's world at large. Enjoy!

Were you named after someone?

Naomi James - the first woman to circumnavigate the world on a boat on her own.

Do you practice anything other than writing music, singing or playing a musical instrument?

Ya, meditating, baking - big baking practicer, paddle boarding & painting. The big P’s patience, painting & paddle boarding.

What was your first concert? Tell us who, where, when and how old you were?

Paramore, Spark Arena Auckland I was 13/14 and I crowd surfed. It was the best night of my life. I had been banned from going the year before - so it was major.

You have the voice of an angel. Tell us what it feels like when you sing your own music? Is it the same when you sing somebody else’s? 

No, because when I’m singing my music I don’t have to imagine the emotion behind it. When it’s my music I can access the memory and they are my own words and you can be in it a lot faster. If that makes sense.

What is one of the most gratifying moments in your life so far?

Being able to bring my show to New Zealand and have my family see it - that was pretty cool.

Photo collage of Ny Oh doing multiple poses for Malibu Sandals Local locals


If you’re having a not so good day what cheers you up?

The holy trinity, A bush walk (hike), a swim and a doobie.

If you had a warning label what would it say?

Undiagnosed Neuro Divergence

It’s now Winter in LA. Is it true that Rainy Days and Mondays always get you down? 

Hell no baby! Not when you wake up have your lemon water - have a meditate.

What image comes to mind when you think of Malibu?

Hikes & sunsets - waaaaaaaves and that magic golden light.

Ny Oh, Who do you consider the greatest living legend?

David Attenbourough. He is still working to share the importance of the Earth. 

What’s your favorite pair of Malibu Sandals? Tell us how you fit them?

Ooooh. That's a hard one because it's ever changing. I’ve been wearing Malibu’s for 7 or 8 years.

But I would say right now it's the Rainbow Colony because I have the matching bag and they go with everything and are all weather wear. KEY!